Welcome to the Dream City of Dubai

The beautiful evening orange yellow skyline of the world’s most attractive skyscrapers sure makes Dubai a visual treat but there is much more to the Emirate of Dubai than meets your eyes making it my favorite city. I have been a resident of Dubai for the past 5 years, and it was definitely a pleasant stay so far and it is my pleasure to take you on a ride of the Dream City of Dubai.


Walking through the streets of Dubai, its feels close to home for anyone. Even with the vivid Arabian culture and heritage, Dubai is a home to a culturally diverse populace. Being the most desirable city for the expatriates from across the globe, the emirate proves itself to be one of the most expat friendly cities of the world.  A flight of 4 hours takes me home and it absolutely does the same to a vast cluster of its residents. Dubai, centrally located in the Middle East, makes it the most strategic location that connects to Europe, N. Africa and Asia. The multicultural environs is welcoming and pleasing to everyone from the very first time making it one of the top rated tourist destinations of the world. Celebrating this diversity, Dubai hosts the well-known shopping festival –The Global Village.

With three months of summer and otherwise a pleasant weather throughout the year, one gets to enjoy both clear blue mornings of the day life and brightly lit dynamics of the after work night life. Having been a perfect host for the World music, cinema and arts, Dubai stages some of the most amazing shows, concerts and parties throughout the year. Being the Shopping paradise of the world, Dubai has some of the world’s most bespoke shopping destinations including one of the world’s largest mall – The Dubai Mall. Home to the most renowned 7 star hotel, the Burj Al Arab and the world’s tallest standing tower, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai amazes the world with its numerous celebrated tourist attractions and infrastructural glam. While multi-cuisines and a distinguished night life stops gives everyone a taste of all worlds, the creeks, marinas, and the palms gives one the pleasurable Arabian experience. A stroll through the souks and the boulevards under the night sky is a perfect weekend plan while the beautiful the state of the art attractions like Miracle and Glow gardens and the musical fountain is never something to miss.

The city beholds much more to the daredevils and the adventurists with its much delightful experiences of the sky, land and water sports. Skydive Dubai is definitely is in top of your Dubai checklist if you are in for some adrenaline rush. The astonishing view of Palm Jumeriah while you take the free fall from as high as 4000 meters, is one experience of a lifetime. The paragliding and hot air balloons gives you a memorable day, there is much more for the water sports fanatics. The yacht and Jet Ski tours around some of the major attractions of Dubai is never to be missed for anyone who enjoys the cool breeze and the calm Arabian waters. Wakeboarding, fly boarding, banana boat rides are some of the fun time plans that you should make while you are here. As much as Dubai is known for its fleet of Luxury cars ruling its freeways and streets, Dubai Motor City with Autodrome and Kartdrome is a one definite stop for an enduring experience behind the steers. Bringing home the winter culture, Ski Dubai and Ice Skating has become one of the most desired weekend plans in Dubai.

While living up to the glamourous reputation, Dubai hasn’t strolled away from its authentic Arabian culture. Celebrating the beauty of its yellow sand and traditions, one can enjoy a pleasant evening with a safari to the desert, belly dancing and heritage cuisine of the region.


Dubai never seizes to astound the world with something new. So this is just the beginning and much more awaits. Before I sign off, I just have to say one thing-

Welcome to the Dream City of Dubai!