Dubai – The Global Investors’ Heaven

468932146Is Dubai Investor friendly as it claims? My Answer would be a YES, it is!

Dubai has seen a rapid commercial growth in the last years after the recession stroke hard the last time and the emirate pride over its capacity to host a perfect investor and expat friendly environs for the world. I have come across a number of speculative minds asking me if the investment opportunities in Dubai for real. I just wish to tell those rather suspicious minds that like any other economy, Dubai faces its ups and downs from time to time but it is definitely strong than you think to hit a rock bottom all at once. So before we anticipate, let’s get some facts lined up –

Dubai- An Insight to Business Investment!

Dubai as known to mankind as the “Land of Opportunities” is centrally located in the Middle Eastern region of the globe making it easily accessible from almost all of the prominent nations of Europe, North Africa and Asia. With well-equipped world class International Airports like Dubai International Airport and recently established Al Maktoum International Airport and having over hundreds of direct and transfer flights both passenger and cargo flown in and out of the emirate every day, it makes Dubai a convenient mobility link between different nations. Dubai has emerged as a global business hub connecting the east to the west making it most attractive for the traders. With a strong vision and intrigue, the emirate has become a global platform for many expat owned business endeavors being true to the formerly described sigil – The land of Opportunities”. As per the government statistics, the emirate has witnessed over an 11% hike in International trade per year since 1988 and it is anticipated to progress with Dubai’s World class infrastructure, highly appreciate multicultural atmosphere and liberal and open economic policies.

Having established some of the most successful Free Zones like DIFC, DAFC, JAFZA, Media City and the most recent DWC, Dubai is sets a tax free environment for its investors while the businesses can be 100% Foreign owned and assures !00% repatriation of profit. Global investors can own upto 49% of a limited liability company established within Mainland of Dubai. While Dubai enjoys political and financial stability, the country prides over its low crime profile. With a well-defined and unbiased legal framework, the emirates serves at the best interests of its investors. With the Federal Laws of UAE in place and regulatory framework of free zone authorities, the emirates succeed in assuring a reliable governance to its investing community.  Liberal Visa policies enable the availability of talented labour force from across the globe. The Emirate houses world class international airports, seaports and cargo village, uninterrupted telecommunication services from the market pioneers Etisalat and Du and power facilities and utilities under the framework of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority delivers the investors with a reliable and cost effective business endurance. With authorized regulators like Dubai Chamber of Commerce, RTA and RERA, the investor has nothing much to worry. The emirates have no exchange rate controls,



Dubai- An Insight to Real Estate Investment!

Speaking of the high quality life style and remarking living conditions of the Emirate, a greater portion of its populace is the Expat community. This makes Dubai culturally diverse and welcoming to everyone. With a rather moderate climate throughout the year except for 3 months of summer, the emirate is likely to attract more and more both tourists and expat professional. Having no tax on the personal income, the residents can keep every penny or rather say, every fils of what they earn to themselves which makes Dubai an idyllic work place.

Dubai’s Real Estate Market has always been an attractive proposition for foreign investors with its capability to ensure ongoing rental returns and potential for capital appreciation. While anticipations are that the market is saturating and the history of 2008 is likely to repeat itself, I feel Dubai is not going to go flat on its investors. As Dubai was announced the privileged host for World greatest Expo 2020, it attracts more professionals and foreign businesses than before. The expected Visitors is more than 25 million and about 70% of which are foreigners. Dubai has been rigorously planning and developing its infrastructure to greet and welcome such a massive crowd. Dubai’s hospitality industry has been progressing rapidly while having huge investments on Hotels and other residential and commercial projects. The markets most renowned developers have come up with excellent projects which are investor friendly giving them an opportunity to share the advantage of the growing market with guaranteed rental returns and capital gains.

Having housed such a vast population of expats and the expecting crowd for the 2020, the residential and commercial infrastructure in Dubai is always in demand. The Capital value of the real estate investments are likely to fluctuate but no to hit grounds at any time. With guaranteed returns on the investments, investors can enjoy fruitful investments for a significant period of time. While different locations with the accessibility to various amenities fall into different rental pools, the investor can diverse his investments and stabilize his risk factor.

Despite 2020, Dubai is becoming one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world. Dubai has hugely invested in its infrastructural facilities, leisure and recreational facilities and is still on a mission to emerge as the most idyllic touristic destination with state of the art concepts and developments. Some of the major attractions of Dubai comprises of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, Burj Al Arab, one of the world’s most luxurious seven star hotel and Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping destination. However with “ Dubai Water Canal”, “ Museum of the Future”, “Dubai Frame”, Dubai Theme Parks  -Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks and LEGOLAND Dubai”, “Aladdin City” along with the recently annocunced “Al Mamazar Beachfront” and many more, Dubai is definitely on a mission to take its tourism industry to a whole new level. Dubai’s cosmopolitan life style and massively attractive leisure and recreational facilities are sure to keep tourists coming back to the country. Thanks to Dubai’s vision, Hotel investments are gaining much popularity and it proves to be a great investment opportunity to foreign investors.