The Heart of Europe – A sneak peek into Dubai’s most extravagant Realty Developments


The world has witnessed some great real estate development over the last decades, but Dubai with its strong vision and well-crafted plans has managed to bring “The World” home. Literally true to the statement above, I wish to bring you the iconic realty development of the era – The World Islands. World Islands a master development by Nakheel, one among the pioneers of Dubai Real Estate Market, is a cluster of 300 distinct man made islands on the gulf waters constructed into the shape of a World Map. As amazing as it sounds, Kleindienst Group, UAE’s biggest European Real estate company has taken on the mission to develop “The Heart of Europe Islands” and accomplish their vision of bringing the wonders of Europe to Dubai by 2018.

The Heart of Europe spans across six stunning islands which embraces the style and culture of different European countries all along the Mediterranean coastline that include – Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, St. Petersburg and Mainland Europe.  Each of these islands embrace the distinguished European architecture, heritage and Mediterranean culture. The Sweden Island much renowned as the Bentley Island showcases Premium Villas, five of the ten of which is designed by the Bentley Home Design. Inspired by the Scandinavian Vikings vessel, these majestic waterfront villas will have the most uniquely designed roof that of an upturned Vikings vessel. The five storeyed villas house 7 bedrooms, infinitely pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, snow room and a party chill out roof top while the island celebrates the festivities of Sweden throughout the year.

The Beach and Lagoon villas of the German Island is the perfect holiday getaway for the families to enjoy the tranquility and privacy of an island retreat while taking the pleasure of epic Dubai Coastline views and marine activities. The island hosts the first of its kind, The Floating Seahorse Phase 1 which has achieved a massive success in being the most desired realty investment of the year. The Switzerland Island with its picturesque landscape and luxurious hospitality celebrates the white of the Snow in its climate controlled streets and plazas throughout the year. The island celebrates the Swiss culture and events with traditional cuisines and beverages while one can enjoy the spa, retails, island activities and a circus all day long.

While you are in for some rain, Mainland Europe is your choice for the day. The Climate controlled technology makes the island a paradise for one to enjoy the drizzling raindrops every time the temperate rises above 27 degrees and the sandy beaches. The Island shall be the entertainment hub with its European themed luxury hotels, cafes, restaurant, boutiques and other entertainment facilities. The Mont Royal five star hotel for families with children will rejoice the various entertainment and events throughout the year. The Island of Monaco will have its own luxury hotel, panoramic sky bars, exclusive members’ only beach clubs and beautiful yacht lined harbour. Inspired by Monte Carlo, the island showcases elegantly themed boutique cafes, nightclubs and restaurants giving one a ride back to the early 1900s.

The heart shaped St. Petersburg Island with its white sandy beaches and lush green gardens will be of amuse to families ideally looking for a peaceful marine lifestyle experience. The island will be surrounded by the Floating seahorses connected to the island by floating jetties giving the inhabitants the most unique and luxurious of marine lifestyle with its underwater bedroom and bath arrangements. The island provides the ultimate Europe experience with The White Night Events, with music opera and ballet making it the most serene holiday destination.

The Heart of Europe is just 4kms off the Dubai Mainland and offers the spectacular views of the Dubai skyline while one enjoys the serenity of marine retreat. Expected to complete by end of 2018, the development shall become the much celebrated landmark in the emirate of Dubai.