BRANDEDREALTY’s quest to Germany: The journey to world’s most demanded Investor-friendly touristic paradise

Always in pursuit of new adventures, the BRANDEDREALTY team set out to discover the world’s most bespoke and well regarded culture and nature based touristic destination – GERMANY as the best among the most investor friendly European countries. BRANDEDREALTY ventured into this European country identifying its potential as high yielding touristic sector for secured and lucrative Investments for foreign Investors. Germany is definitely a one stop destination for tourists and business travelers making it a very attractive location for Hotel Investments.


Germany as compared to its equally well demanded neighbors have successful aced its position as the Cultural travel destination as well as ranked the top rated city break destinations for Europeans. From historic cities and small towns that home some of the most bespoke museums, cathedrals and castles of the world, also the galleries and the cultural festivities, to the naturally beautiful and picturesque forests, mountains and lakes giving the travelers the best of outdoor recreational experience, the country has it all and makes it one of top vacationing destination for those seeking a journey of sightseeing and discovery, adventure and tranquility all at once. With the rich heritage, culture and the abundantly blessed breathtaking landscape and views, Germany has now emerged as the most preferred family getaway destination that gives the visitors’ a much cherished contemporary European living experience.

Germany is growingly becoming the most visited European country by the business travelers from across the globe. The country ranks #1 as the International Trade Fair Destination as well as International Conference Destination in 2015. As per the statistics by German Bundestag as supported by Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany marked 1.2 Billion global arrivals in the year 2015 and the strong destination regions showed the highest rates of growth. The number of overnight stay visitors have increased by 45 million since the early 1990s. The country caters to 79.7 Million overnight stay visitors from within European region with Netherlands and Switzerland being the largest source market followed by UK, Italy, Austria, Denmark, France and Spain. USA and China ranks as the major source market for the largely increasing inbound tourism from non-European sectors in 2015.

The facts states that 55% of the non-European visitors come to enjoy their leisure in Germany while the remaining 25% and 20% marks their reason of travel as Business trips and Other private trips respectively. While the European visitors marks a majority of 72% for touristic visits and remaining segments as 14% each for business and other private trips respectively. Having ranked the pioneer in International Trade Fair and conference destination, 48% of inbound travel account for traditional business trips and 52% account for the promotional business trips that include trade exhibitions and fairs, conference and conventions and incentive travels. In the year 2016, the International arrivals are expected to increase by 3.5 to 4.5% while the expected International arrivals are forecasted to be 1.8 Billion inbound travelers by the year 2030.

With facts straight and clear, Germany will definitely emerge as one of the most promising Hotel investment locations of the world in the short span of time. Among the most visited touristic locations of Germany, Bavaria Ranks the #1 in number of visitors that accounts for 17.6 Million in the year 2015, followed by Berlin with 13.6 Million visitors, Baden-Wurttemberg with 11.1 Million visitors and North Rhine-Westphalia with 10.1 Million visitors last year.

Apart from the growing tourism sector of this largest economy of Europe, the investor can always have many more reasons to invest in the country. Being a cosmopolitan society, the country has an excellent standard of living and is culturally tolerant. Germany is well known for its state of the art technologies with highest quality and superior health and education provisions. With infinite Sports and recreation opportunities in the cultural rich and vibrantly ambient landscape of Germany, the country had been the foremost choice for 7 Million foreigners who have made their homes there and will always remain the same for anyone new to global investments. Germany, strategically located in the Central Europe and with huge resource of developed infrastructure makes it an ideal location for an Investor’s base giving him/her accessibility to the rest of the Europe. With the growing rates of International visitors, the economy as identified Tourism as a key investment sector for the foreign investors.