BRANDEDREALTY Academy is the knowledge house of the organization. We understand in today’s era of growing international standards and changing market trends, it is mandatory to encourage up-to-date know – how and highest qualified expertise internally to ensure a significant and effective business excellence globally and these international standards shall be achieved through our in house Training & Development Hub, The Academy.

The Academy will be equipped to provide world – class educational and practical learning assistance to our Management Leaders, Employees and Clients.

BRANDEDREALTY Academy shall aim at executing training & development programs for the senior management team to nurture their leadership and management skills and resourcing the same for the growth & progress of the organization. We at BRANDEDREALTY believe employees as our greatest asset. Our Staff training programs aim at identifying potential candidates for the future leadership roles & developing their inner potential for their personal growth, transforming them to be competitive professionals in International markets. Academy is also capable of providing the clients International business training, Franchise training and international market knowledge.

  • The Academy with an Expert Training Program for the senior management to acquaint with the market and effective management practices to accomplish productivity.
  • The Academy will train the staff to complement our work ethics and service quality standards as well as it is an opportunity for them to improve as a professional and grow in their career.
  • The Academy will train the new company licensed staff and new License Holder to give them an opportunity to establish as an independent business and be a 
part of international business network.

Like Partner with Us, we can arrange the different training programs in a box –

  • Leadership & Personality Development Training
  • Sales and Marketing Seminars, Webinars & Training
  • Time & Quality Management Training
  • Team building Seminars & Activities
  • Business Practices & Policies
  • Website & IT Training
  • Industrial Guest Lecture
  • Franchise Training
  • Brand Training
  • My BRANDEDREALTY Shop Seminars, Webinars & Training
  • Industrial Guest Lectures
  • Partner Networking Activities
  • Legal Training
  • Virtual Office Training