About Us – Who are we?

TheBRANDEDREALTY International is a mission on the go to establish an International brand with a brilliant combination of extensive services to provide its clients and partners globally making the company their “One Shop Stop” to satisfy their Real Estate needs.

We pride over our unparalleled potential in delivering the most efficient Real Estate Investment Consultation. The master ingredients to a successful investment begins from a fine crafted investment plan and strategy for which our pool of world-class market consultants and real estate specialists are at your service to identify, analyze and discover the potential of the best Realty investments across the globe, assuring the investors’ a guaranteed capital appreciation & secured returns on the investment.

A team of top notch architects and interior designers work on developing a new definition to your personal and corporate lifestyle giving your space a unique identity with the state of the art designs and world class premium décor. Our extremely talented Interior Design & Architectural professionals are always at your service ensuring a fine service experience beyond your expectations.

A set of experienced minds come together to build and train the greatest businessmen of the tomorrow through our initiative – The BRANDEDREALTY ACADEMY. We ensure the members of our family are always ahead in their business excellence while giving them the right and up to date knowledge and practical training thus encouraging a continued learning experience among our employees, partners and clients.

BRANDEDREALTY Events plays an integral role in addressing our best efforts to our international clientele while putting up the most creative and innovative global events to broadcast their projects. Our Event experts offer a worry free and most client friendly services to ensure unique and fresh event experience for enhancing your brand value both locally and globally. On a mission to enlighten the enthusiastic and dynamic minds, we commit our efforts far reaching the crowd through magazines and blogs. Thus business consultation, real estate brokerage, interior décor & execution, academy and events form the strong pillars of the organization to achieve and establish a network of well-satisfied clients and partners across the globe.

Our Story

After the global Financial Crisis, people had begun to reconsider the global economic trends and the significance to be linked to an International Business Network for successful corporate alliances and prominent market presence.

Horst Uckrow, a German Business Man and Real Estate Business Entrepreneur started a great career in Dubai with his initial international business connection to a globally re-known Real Estate Franchise. Together with his enthusiasm for International Business solutions and his commitment towards his vision for success, he became the No: 1 Franchise leader in less than 1 year with the strong support from his Multicultural talent pool.

Going his unique ways with strong belief in the creative concepts of the new century, he created strong & trustful international business relations. Fully aware of the wish of people to be globally connected to strengthen the business and generate wealth for a stable long time security, he developed good successful business alliances together with right people.

With joining the great idea by a young professional Indian and an entrepreneur in the making, they developed together a new way of Partnership Franchise Development, which is potentially a great chance that bring to Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Newcomers across the globe a well-crafted business opportunity to prepare and encourage them for the new challenges of the 21st century. With her strong academic background of being an International business graduate and her professional exposure to the new international practices, Aswathi Menon has been able to achieve a strong commitment and played an integral role in developing the system.

The “World of Franchise and Brands” strongly integrated as an international business network linking potential Real Estate locations, Investors and multicultural entrepreneurs to one common global business platform is the master piece that Horst and Aswathi crafted with Passion, Experiences, strong Belief and Trust. The Concept was born and a new Franchise began to bring people together all over the world.

A very efficient and client friendly Shop and Online System bring clients and business people with trust and success together. Excellent destinations for International Franchise Opportunities are already under contracts and will grow day by day with new opportunities and joining Partners worldwide.

Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to advance our business from just a corporate establishment to the most successful brand that shall become the face of our forthcoming International business endeavors. We lay our primary focus in identifying & integrating our assets into a lucrative incorporation to enhance our potential of going the extra miles for a fruitful international presence.

We aim at exploring our strong international networks that shall strength BRANDEDREALTY in its positions as International Market leader. We focus on generating the adequate financing to develop our master plan to conquer the realm of International Franchising and Branding and International business partnerships to ensure continued market expansion.

Our vision is to enhance our corporate existence to being the international market leader with world class professional services in Luxury Real Estate Investment Consultation for our esteemed clients at a global scale. We concentrate on exploring and identifying the most lucrative investment opportunities with capital appreciation potential while ensuring security and guaranteed returns on investments.

Our vision is to achieve a multi-cultural corporate atmosphere bringing in house a brilliant team of experts from across the globe. Not ignoring the importance of knowledge and the inevitable requirement to keep updated of the changing market trend, we wish to ensure an ongoing learning and development experience for our entire stakeholder. Our “One World…One Family” Campaign emphasize on our philosophies of coming together despite the diversities to build strong and mutually benefiting business partnerships.