Our commitment to corporate social security and success with the development of BRANDEDREALTY “Employee Partner Program”

BRANDEDREALTY We understand the human environment in the company are the important part for a very successful company. Highest quality standards resulted out of social commitments like:

  • BRANDEDREALTY Company Shares which will grow with the whole development and stabilize the real Partnership with every joining Expert
  • Company insurance,
  • Good living support,
  • Family security and support
  • Engagement in company planning and development tasks
  • Loans against shares with NO interest payments!
  • Pension planning procedure through the company
  • Education and career planning inside the company
  • Future International career

The engaged and developed Employee / “Partner” program lies at the centre of the BRANDEDREALTY vision program 2021. The company is committed to improving the work environment and creating a common management style and culture across the group. This will ensure that each BRANDEDREALTY team member fully understands how her or his role fits into the larger picture and how individual and collective success are inextricably tied together.:

BRANDEDREALTY will implement a communal training program at Group level offering a range of employee skills-development solutions: on-site training and e-learning modules, on-line training sessions, as well as coaching and mentoring, webinars, etc.

Investors and Finance Partners can be integrated in a growing “Business Friendship” with the Team of BRANDEDREALTY.
The VIP Community will develop strong relations for long term relations and great success.
Investor relations with the leading staff can be resulting out of Partnership Developments for the best results and values of company success which reflects social security stability for every company staff.