“Coming Together is the Beginning …
Keeping Together is Progress …
      Working Together is Success … “
– Henry Ford

In BRANDEDREALTY, we believe coming together is the beginning and the key to a trustworthy and fruitful business association. Our philosophies emphasis on achieving International Business Success rendering world class services through our International networks.

BRANDEDREALTY Partners is a mission to encourage motivated professionals to emerge as world class luxury investment consultants. The Partner Program allows individuals and companies to be a part of a prestigious community of international investors thus benefit out of great business opportunities. Our Partners include –

We invite individual and institutional partners from across the globe to join us in Franchise partnership to engage and grow as a globally recognized investors’ favorite international brand. Under a unified and centralized management, the partners have the prestigious opportunity to kick start their business with a well networked VIP investors’ community and clearly defined set of extensive world class services.

The Corporate Partner Program is best suited for business entities across the globe who wish to achieve a successful business partnership with a team of Multicultural Investment Experts, versatile in the field of Luxury Real Estate Investments. The partners shall achieve highest level of customer satisfaction with the wise and timely support of our Investment Specialists in accomplishing the most lucrative Investment packages for their clients at a global scale.

BRANDEDREALTY, associates with World Class Brands to showcase their most unique and attractive projects to high net worth investing communities spread globally. Our channel partners are the face of our Brand in different parts of the world and through these partners BRANDEDREALTY aims to bring together some of the world’s best investments opportunities with the right class of investors.

BRANDEDREALTY Events host Exclusive VIP Sales Events, Tradeshows, Exhibitions and Project Launches worldwide in association with our channel partners who proactively participates in preparing a world class showcase and screening and profiling prospective and potential clients. Our Event Channel partner programs are well suited for corporates and professionals who wish to partake with global brands to earn their investors remarkable investment opportunities from high yielding industries of the world and achieve 100% client satisfaction and confidence.

The Freelance Partner Program is a very exclusive opportunity for all ambitious professionals to achieve excellence as a Luxury Real Estate Investment Consultant under the framework of BRANDEDREALTY. The program is aimed at highly professional individuals who wish to perform their best while having the flexibility of work and accomplish personal and professional growth while enjoying the best of commission benefits.

Why Partner with Us?

The BRANDEDREALTYThe Partners program ensures its community members a competitive edge and strong market position with business advantages of a variety of resources, features and programs as follows –

The program helps you to actively participate in a globally diverse yet well connected business network comprising of world’s high net worth private and institutional investors and top business professionals through our exclusive Members Only VIP Client Community.

You can own a prestigious shop with state of the art architecture and unique modern design with ultra-modern tech facilities complying with the corporate identity of the parent company that gives the business the face of a global brand.

Fully Functional Website complying with the unique CI standards for each regional partner office integrated to the parent company’s IT platform. High quality Website with Member Logins, Intranet facilities, Newsletter Subscriptions, Social Media Integration and Web analytics ensuring a very efficient online presence along with SEO and CRM for efficient client management.

You shall enjoy continued business support and strategized global PR activities of the parent company and shall be provided with exclusive Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Tools and Corporate Merchandising to ensure global market presence and customer satisfaction. VIP International Events & Exhibition assistance and management for the Partners’ Projects to ensure global presence and brand awareness. Exclusive Access to International Tours, Events and Exhibitions as a part of BR “One World… One Family!” Campaign giving every member an opportunity to come together with other community members in strong business association.

The program shall support its members with an extensive set of corporate training programs like sales and franchise training, business and personality development training, Market training, IT & Knowledge training to ensure an improved and enhanced corporate existence for the partners,

The program provide flexibility of business operations through a non-exclusive agreement with the parent establishment securing both parties in a legal business partnership. The partners are awarded with Honorary Trust Awards to the best performing professionals and companies in National and International Market

The program secure its members within a well-defined framework of corporate existence with clear operational guidelines in the form of Business Manuals, Employment Manuals, Corporate Identity Guidelines and time to time business upgrade guidelines to ensure the partners are in line with the company’s growing standards.

Become Our License Partner

The BRANDEDREALTYT International has accomplished the trust and confidence of our esteemed clients both nationally and internationally and this has become possible with the support and active participation of our partners, a well networked group of passionate and motivated professionals across the globe. Our journey of excellence is marked by our core values – Integrity, Competence, Transparency and Perseverance and in coming together with our partners who pursue the same while working together as a team for progress and growth. We aim to associate with individuals and corporate entities globally through our “MY SHOP” Partner Program that perfectly suit –

  • Real Estate Professionals who want to open up new areas of business above and beyond their estate agency
  • Committed Industry Newcomers who want to live and work in the new online Real Estate market
  • Estate Agents in holiday regions who want to build lasting corporate value with a strong partner
  • Investors who are looking for a successful partner and International Network in the Real Estate market
  • Talented salespeople who are looking for a growth-oriented system
  • Profit-oriented Entrepreneurs

MY SHOP available Locations

  • Germany Berlin
  • UK
  • Poland
  • Lithuania
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Croatia
  • Austria
  • Swiss
  • India
  • Italy
  • France
  • South Africa
  • Angola
  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Morocco

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